Rarely is the legal process flexible. Good thing we are.

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Our Hybrid proceedings offer a seamless experience
between on-site and virtual parties.

Here’s how we do it

Proactive Support

Access to onsite and virtual support during every moment of your matter. Our people anticipate and help you before you realize you need help.

Tailored technology

Have concerns about your household devices? Need technology overseas? We provide everything you need.

Anytime, anywhere

We host international clients working anywhere in any timezone. No matter the hour, or the distance, our Hybrid services have your back.


Remote technology kits.

Do you have everything you need? We have you covered with our remote technology kits that can be shipped anywhere. Equipped with a top of the line laptop, a comfortable headset, and a WiFi booster, you can rest easy and focus on the case at hand—not the technology.

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International centres

International Arbitration Centre Alliance

If you want to access world-class arbitral facilities but are in Europe or Asia, then look no further than our Global Alliance with the IDRC and Maxwell Chambers, based in London and Singapore. This alliance effectively extends APV's services on a global scale.

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